Co-founded with Emily Soccorsy, we believe all great brands are spiritual experiences. Utilizing a practice we call intrinsic branding, we work with defiant leaders to inspire them to go inward, organize their brand around their mission and show the world who they truly are. A blend of spiritual and practical, our work is for any leader who feels called to use their brand to make a dent in the universe. In our work together, we uncover the soulful language of the brand, articulate it as a message and a story and help our clients amplify it to the right audiences. Learn more.



Rooting Up: Essays on Modern Branding

The 21st century has brought with it the now-ubiquitous idea of brand. But definitions run the gamut, which has produced more questions than answers. Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster have been answering these questions for thousands of leaders in their respective careers and now in their intrinsic branding practice, Root + River. Rooting Up is a compilation of 44 thought-provoking essays written over the course of three years. Rooting Up is a sharing of their audacious
and heretical ideas on how to become a brand in a new world and in a new era of business. Rooted in timeless principles, brain science and a spirit of individuality, Rooting Up forges a new path to branding that challenges stale leadership practices, fear-based marketing and other old habits leaders have accumulated over the last century. Rooting
Up is an introduction to intrinsic branding, an invitation to look inward and inspiration for confidently showing the world your true brand.


Human Bacon: A man’s guide to creating an awesome personal brand.

In Justin’s first book “Oatmeal v Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World,” he established the ultimate branding metaphor: bacon is interesting and oatmeal is boring. In “Human Bacon,” he applies the Bacon principle to personal brands — identifying seven specific traits that are common with interesting, connected, and respected people. While directed at men over 40, the elements of “Human Bacon” are universal for anyone interested in being awesome, satisfied, and successful. Blending experiences of his personal journey with practical tools and exercises, Justin provides an outline for finding your talent, being authentic, embracing technology, communicating effectively, becoming an influencer, managing first impressions, and having a life-long youthful mindset.

Whether you are just starting your career, are seeking that next promotion, or are self-employed, “Human Bacon” contains the thinking and tools for discovering and developing what makes you BACON. The result? A respected personal brand, a great reputation, and a legacy of awesomeness.

“Human Bacon” is a North American Book Awards winner.

“We live in an era where individuality is coveted, success is desired, and authenticity is desperately needed. Human Bacon can help you with all three. Justin will encourage you to discover your individuality and express it in an authentic way, paving the road towards happiness and opportunity in your personal and professional life.” -Steven Fies, Author

“Highly recommend this book to everyone that is a brand, which is everyone (You’ll learn that if you don’t already know by reading the book). Very practical advice on things not often written about including: personal style, presence, social media, technology, and relationship management.” -Andy Johnson

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what life stage you are in (though Foster recommends this particularly for Gen-X men), you will find accessible and practical advice in Human Bacon. And you will find that a little attention on the “cover” as well as the guts is well worth the investment in your brand.” –Brian Rensing

Oatmeal v Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World

Awesomeness is a business model. Oatmeal is boring. Bacon is interesting. This metaphor brings clarity to why some brands dominant and others survive. “Oatmeal v Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World” makes the case that earning attention and market share starts by being a truly unique and interesting brand. Humorous, thought-provoking and full of useful ideas, “Oatmeal v Bacon” will transform the way you market and advertise, develop products, create customer experiences, and build a culture. Most of all, “Oatmeal v Bacon” will give you permission to be yourself and build a brand around being truly UNIQUE.

“Justin can look into your soul, find your real story, and communicate it in a way that inspires your audience. His ability to drill down to the core of the problem and create a simple, truthful solution is astounding! In many cases people aren’t prepared for the accuracy of his transparent advice but walk away with a renewed sense of purpose.” -John Hardesty

“Oatmeal v Bacon is witty, entertaining, and motivating. It pushes “bacon” professionals and businesses to capitalize on their uniqueness and embrace their sizzle. Justin Foster’s creativity and humor brings the topic to life and engages the reader with interesting prose and thought-provoking ideas. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to take their brand to the next level.” -Stacy Lynn

“I pick up this book every couple months to remind myself that I need to be bacon, my company needs to be bacon, because if we aren’t then we loose our competitive edge. I really enjoyed the companies that the author picked as bacon brands and at the same time his checklist to see if you are or not. This book is an easy quick simple read that can re energize me every time I read it. And for the price, I buy 10 at a time to hand out as gifts to my clients.” -Brandon Wright

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“I Might Be Wrong” is a podcast co-hosted with my great friend, Juan Kingsbury. We are both strong proponents of free thought, healthy skepticism and contemplativeness. In our free-flowing conversations, we share our theories and opinions on a wide range of contemporary (and often taboo) topics and issues. All with the caveat that either or both of us might be wrong!