I believe that nothing matters until you know your heart. It all starts in an Austin Session.




An Invitation.

Modern life can cause us to disconnect from our true selves.

Now and again, we need to be reminded of who we are and what we love; to make room in the soul for the new.

This requires a going inward; a quick side trip away from outside noise, distractions and pressure.

If this stirs something in your heart, I invite you to join me for an Austin Session …

A level-set to your original self and your purpose. A re-examination of your relationship with yourself and others. A dismantling of what’s not real. A re-rooting in your core beliefs. A vision of the path forward.

The Austin Session is a no-BS but gentle day-long guided immersion into all that is you.

  • Unpack your DISC Behavior Assessment (completed prior)
  • Connect your  past journey to today
  • Examine all your attachments to ideas, people and possessions
  • Determine what is real and what is construct
  • Dig into your core beliefs (systemic and extrinsic)
  • Explore your identity (original and add-on)
  • Re-connect to your mission/purpose/calling
  • Establish your gifts, talents and skills
  • Examine your behaviors, habits & standards
  • Design an unattached vision of the future
  • Co-create an Action Plan
  • Four 1-hour follow-up calls

The standard fee for the Austin Session is $3500 but I never turn anyone away based on ability to pay.

If you are curious, let’s talk. Just book a 30-minute slot here that works for you.

Client Comments:
“The session with Justin was hard! It was expanding, exciting, exhausting, and a relief that I met someone who understood, deep down, what I needed. Someone smart, hip, connected, high energy, optimistic, unafraid, and honest who has a skill set that can extract my possibilities and turn them into a plan.”

“It is a process that takes time, open-mindedness, and improvement, as everything worthwhile does. Working with Justin Foster was definitely a rewarding experience for me.”

“Working with Justin means that he will always tell you the truth whether it is what you want to hear or not! He says it with such genuineness and whole heartedness, it makes you respect him. After being with Justin, you always go away feeling as though you are valued as not only a client but as a person as well.”


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“I believe nothing matters until you connect with your heart.”



“I believe nothing matters until you connect with your heart.”