Hello friends!

This is a piece of bonus content that I wanted to share. It came out of several days of journaling. I hope you find it encouraging.

Much love,


Reminders + Reframes 

Allow for happiness to be a possibility. Not everything needs to be a struggle. 

You determine your story. What happened, happened but it doesn’t need to determine your future. 

Only you are responsible for your thoughts, behaviors and systems. 

Allow for abundance. It’s ok to want wealth in all of its forms. 

Have dreams. Your imagination is more powerful than your intellect. 

Monitor your thoughts. Notice what percentage of them are about the past or the future. 

Keep walking into the unknown. Keep doing things that require faith and courage. 

Think with the heart first. 

Never, ever … Settle, reduce yourself to be accepted, stop learning, make decisions based on fear, be in relationships that require survival mechanisms. 

Death is inevitable. When it comes, make sure it finds your regret balance to be zero. 


  • Lawrence G Miller says:

    Great thoughts put in a simple and succinct manner. My only quibble is that i consider happiness to be essential, not merely a possibility. But I know that I am fortunate that my life has let me consider it so.

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