February 2021 Recap

By February 26, 2021Life

Hello friends!

I’ve made a number of changes to how I share content. I will only be posting content on my website on occasion. All of my weekly content has been moved to Substack. You can sign up to be a free or paid subscriber here. Paid subscribers (only $8/month) receive a weekly essay every Monday, plus private podcast episodes, tools, office hours, Q & A calls and more.

Via my website, I will be sending an end-of-month recap of things I’ve written as well as books read, new music discoveries and other nuggets that feel worthy of sharing.

As a reminder, my buddy Juan Kingsbury and I have a podcast called “I Might Be Wrong”. We are up to 16 episodes! Check it out here.


Always something to work on.

Inner critique vs inner critic.

The real enemy.

All systems fail.


Favorite musing for this month:

“You are a divine being with a powerful mission and a set of unique gifts. The only way to fuck it up is to believe your insecurities.”

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Podcast appearances:

Luke Bricker’s “The Spiritual Nomad” podcast

Angela Hollowell’s “Honey & Hustle” podcast

Little Bird Marketing’s “Ponderings from the Perch”

Books I finished:

“Mary Magdalene Revealed” – Meggan Watterson 

“Experiencing God Directly” – Marshall Davis


Favorite new music:

Ian Munsick’s debut album “Coyote Cry”

Ian is a singer/songwriter from Wyoming with an incredible voice and great energy (and great hair!)

My Spotify playlist “Foster the Music” contains all of the new music that I’m listening to.


Business shout-out:

Are you a freelancer or have a side hustle? Check out Jolly. Jolly is a platform for promoting your freelance skills and offerings. Imagine if Etsy and LinkedIn had a baby. That’s Jolly!








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