Do you really think

all you’re here to do is sit in a pew

or a cubicle zoo?

Lay on the couch?

Drift through life?

Lie to your spouse

About who you really are?


Do you really think

God is found in a place

Other than your heart?

That there’s only one way,

And if you don’t follow it, you’re condemned?

That we’re to follow a book of rules?

Do you really think God thinks we’re fools?


Do you really think

Going to school gives you an education?

That it’s not just indoctrination?

To live someone else’s life

Pay your taxes

Buy shit you don’t need

Paint on a smile


Do you really think

If you thought for yourself,

You’d have the same friends?

Would they reject you, shame you

Talk about you behind their hands?

Call you lost, call you crazy

Because you’re not one of them?


You are here to do something great;

Something important,

something brave.

You are a whole human with a wild soul;

A work of cosmic art.

You are free.

You are no one’s slave.

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