Day 5 of my 7 days of 5 things to ponder, research, etc. Today’s topic is podcasts. In many ways, podcasts have revived long-form content. Popular podcasters like Joe Rogan and Adam Carolla regularly have episodes that are over two hours long. Part of the popularity of podcasts is that they allow you to consume content in the seams. No appointment is necessary. And despite our busy modern lives, there’s still plenty of seams to fill with knowledge, curiosity, enlightenment.

I regularly listen to 15 – 20 different podcasts depending on mood or circumstances – but here are the Top 5:

  1. Armchair Expert – Actor Dax Shepard has built a platform to explore things that he is curious about – what he refers to as the messiness of being a human. Dax has great guests, wide ranging topics and is an excellent asker of questions. One of my favorite elements of each episode is the “fact checking” they do at the end. What an awesome way to keep a learner’s mind and infuse some humility. I’m especially impressed by Dax’s willingness to challenge his own thinking and beliefs.
  2. The Liturgists Podcast – Hosted by Michael Gungor, “Science Mike” (Mike McHargue) and Hillary McBridge, The Liturgists is for people of faith that are skeptics. Blending art, science and faith, the hosts dive into to Christian orthodoxy and dogma with curious minds, openness and humor. I recommend this podcast to anyone who identifies as a Christian but doesn’t belong to a particular group or denomination.
  3. The Rubin Report – Hosted by Dave Rubin, this podcast explores free speech and big ideas with guests from all walks of life and areas of expertise. Free flowing, challenging and thought-provoking, this podcast is what I imagine it would have been like to swap ideas with Socrates, John Locke, Henry David Thoreau, Eleanor Roosevelt, Howard Thurman. Dave has created a platform where the guests are free to be themselves without pretense or posturing – and where healthy conflict is encouraged.
  4. The Jocko Podcast – Focusing on topics related to leadership and discipline, former Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink shares fascinating stories from his life and from history while mixing in a wide variety of guests. While certainly motivating, it’s not “rah rah” or manufactured enthusiasm. Jocko is a great example of what I call “Awake Alphas” – an enlightened human who is also a legit warrior and hero.
  5. This Past Weekend – Hosted by stand up comedian Theo Von, this podcast is probably my favorite blend of humor and intellect. It is similar in flow and feel to Armchair Expert but is more raw and more wide-ranging in its topics and guests. Theo makes the show what it is – talking openly about growing up poor, relationship struggles sobriety, spiritual awakening and more. It is also the podcast with the most uses of “bruh” 🙂

So there you have it! As always, I’d love to hear from you. What are you listening to?


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