Here’s a secret:

Nothing anyone does or says to you actually changes your value.

This secret means that you’re value is all based on your self-worth and current mindset — on how you see you. This secret means that other people’s opinions of you are just that: opinions. It frees you from the perceived suffering of what someone said to you or how they treated you. It also frees from the fawning of groupies and part-time friends.

Behind this secret a deeper secret is revealed:

the amazing power of self-worth.

In essence, the power of Love.

The power of self-worth allows you to:

  • Maintain sovereignty — the language and borders of You.
  • Wisely determine what you say yes and no to.
  • Create space between what you feel and you assume someone else is feeling.
  • Speak truth in any situation.
  • Love without limits.
  • Embrace negative emotions like fear, doubt and uncertainty — and even anxiety.
  • Seamlessly connect your beliefs and your behaviors to be a whole person.
  • Have relationships based on the flow of truth and love — not based on explanations and expectations.

Self-worth is essentially the operating system of our human app. It determines how we see the world, how we respond to outside feedback, how we set goals, how we manage change and so much more. And like an operating system is can be hacked. Or I prefer, it can be MASTERED.

However, self-worth requires a level of mastery that only a tiny fraction of people are willing to commit to. This is because mastering self-worth requires a massive shift in thinking and energy. It requires you to question what you were taught and told. It requires you to examine your career, your relationships, your past and your picture of the future.

There is a starting point and a road map to self-worth. And it starts with honestly answering a seven introspection questions:

  1. What beliefs do I have that have always been there; that weren’t taught to me?
  2. Do I accept that I am capable of joy and fulfillment?
  3. Do I have untreated trauma from earlier in my life?
  4. What areas of my life carry the most pretense?
  5. What relationships produce the most conflict?
  6. What am I telling myself that’s not true?
  7. What current habits or behaviors most erode my self-worth?

If you are truly honest, each of the answers to these seven questions will reveal your next steps in mastering the power of self-worth.

Mastering self-worth means becoming introspective and self-reflective. It means you can take each moment as part of life’s unfolding. Even the crappy stuff. It means you can be immune from societal pressures and messages about what you are supposed to be. And instead, do something truly defiant — be your true self.

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