3 Reminders About Your Gift

By August 27, 2016 Self-Worth

I am more convinced than ever that each human is born with a unique gift or talent. To fully access and actualize this gift requires sacrifice, suffering and setting aside of the life you were told to live. Few people are willing to choose the travails of discovery over the allure of stability — so the journey and saga to find this gift is rarely accepted.

When you do discover your gift/talent, a new set of challenges emerges. The voice of your ego (usually in the form of doubt) begins to question your discovery. “This is isn’t real”, “What are you doing?” “This wasn’t the plan” and several thousand other whispers and accusations. Often fueled by the addition of outside voices of doubters, your elation of finding your gift is replaced by an uneasiness. A feeling of being half-way between what you were and what you’re becoming.

Here are three simple but powerful reminders to access when you find yourself in these conditions:

  1. Your story is more important than your knowledge. A frequent source of doubt and insecurity about a gift is that you aren’t “qualified” to have this gift. This sends very gifted people on endless forays into additional education, certifications, workshops, etc. All an ego-fueled attempt to replace the feeling of doubt and insecurity with additional knowledge. I am not saying to not pursue knowledge. I am saying that returning to your own story of awakening, awareness, discovery, suffering and expansion is SO much more powerful and credible than your knowledge.
  2. Your gift is not about you. “What if I don’t have the right answers?” “What if people don’t believe me?” “What if my gifts aren’t valuable?” These doubts are the ego’s direct attack on the value of your gift. But all gifts are given to be shared. So it’s not really about you. In fact, as soon as you think your gift is about you, your ego is winning. Instead, remember that all that you have gone through — and even the current feeling of unease- is about sharing with others. Adding value. Loving more. Being empathic.
  3. Go create witnesses. If no one knows you have a gift, is it still a gift? The most powerful thing you can do to allay fear, uncertainty and doubt (and silence haters) is to go do your thing. Do it in front of people, for people. Give, give, give of your gift to others. View every conversation, every interaction as an opportunity to create a witness. Then when the voices of doubt rise, you can simply counter with the voices of your witnesses. This is the power of word-of-mouth combined with the law of reciprocity. Let others speak for you.

Finally, the voices of doubt never fully go away. So the best short-term tactic? Ignore them. Go to your heart. Live your conviction. And go be.

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