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By March 31, 2016Blog

2014 seems like a hundred years ago. It started with a whisper of awakenings and epiphanies, which became a roar of revelations. Then a move to Austin. Then the conviction that it was time to break out of the steady comfort of being a freelance consultant. That it was time to build something new and daring that blended leadership and branding, spiritual and practical, commerce and creativity.

The result is a new branding firm called root + river.

Launched initially as a creative platform with Emily Soccorsy to change leaders’ perspectives on modern branding, root + river quickly evolved into a business idea. We saw a huge need in the marketplace for a firm that could help leaders convert their 20th century equity into a 21st century brand.

2015 was spent honing, testing, arguing over and refining our language, processes and methods. This past year of working with clients proved our ideas and methods. The year also proved that I had found the perfect business partner in Emily. She is one of the most intense, smart, creative and heart-driven people I’ve ever known. If you don’t know Emily, I encourage you to follow her on twitter @emilyatlarge.

Now root + river is ready to share with the world. To serve rebellious leaders. To piss off institutionalists. To make branding mean something more than interruption and persuasion and instead make branding about leading from the heart, telling the truth and being a monument to a set of beliefs.

Please check out our website at for more, but here are few things to note:

  • We believe all brands start at the root — and this root is found in the heart and soul of the leader. From this root grows a set of beliefs that become the brand’s ultimate differentiators and constant source of value creation — manifested in the culture, products and human experience.
  • The core of our expertise is around defining a leader’s and/or organization’s core values and beliefs, translating those into a heart-provoking message and amplifying that message with modern marketing methods.
  • We primarily work with leaders over 40 that ready to opt-in to becoming a 21st century brand but don’t know how.

We provide the most value and impact for leaders that …

… are soulful, high EQ humans with a relentless heart for others.

… want to redefine and re-energize a brand that has become stale and boring — their personal brand or their organization brand … or both!

… have a strong conviction to build a brand that is bold, daring and aligned with their purpose and calling.

We work with solo entrepreneurs to small business owners to marketing leaders at large organizations. We have also partnered with a variety of brilliant experts on all tactical aspects of modern marketing so that we can focus on what we do best: strategy, message and coaching.

If this brings to mind a leader that we can serve, we would appreciate an intro. And if the leader that comes to mind is you, let’s talk!

In the interim, please follow us and mention us on social media:

Twitter: @rootandriver

LinkedIn: root + river

Facebook: root + river

Instagram: @rootandriver



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