Disrupt or Decay? 5 Natural Forces Shaping Your Brand

By February 7, 2016Blog

We all see the changes. Internal and external forces pushing and pulling on brands. We see the disintegration of the old ways of doing business – but also the emergence of new ways that encourage collaboration, transparency and deeper connections. As market forces and societal trends shape brands, business leaders have a tremendous opportunity to harness these trends rather than just respond to them.

In a presentation is available as a keynote or a half-day executive retreat, I share my insights on 5 emerging business trends that are shaping the future of your brand – including your personal brand – and 5 competencies necessary to harness these trends. Relevant to senior executives, marketing teams and entrepreneurs, this talk covers:

• The convergence of leadership, culture and innovation.
• How Social Business impacts every area of business.
• The rise of “Rebellious Traditionalists”
• 5 competencies required for modern branding
• How to leverage your personal brand to elevate your company brand.

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