Client Story: The Shoe That Grows

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kenton leeThe Shoe That Grows is story of a passionate leader chasing a conviction and making it come true in a very real and very impactful way. The founder of The Shoe That Grows, Kenton Lee shares his experience of working with Justin.


What problem or situation did you engage with Justin to help resolve?

We had always been a small nonprofit organization that was working on this one big project (The Shoe That Grows).  It took us years, but we got through all of our designing, prototyping, and testing. We were all set and ready to unveil The Shoe That Grows in the Fall of 2014. And we brought Justin in to help us get ready for the launch.

How would you describe the experience of working with Justin in the Discovery Session?

Justin is so great. He is incredibly personable. He is funny. He comes prepared. He communicates incredibly well – one-on-one, in a group, etc. We met at a local coffee shop and worked together for a few hours.  It was a memorable and impactful.

Coming out of the Discovery Session, what was the recommended brand strategy?

The recommended brand strategy was for us to really focus on our WHY – “Practical Compassion”- and then a few more specific things, too. The biggest and best thing that Justin did for our brand was help us discover our WHY. It has been the foundation of our messaging since then.

As you implemented Justin’s recommendations, what were some of the outcomes?

We had SO many people tell us that they love our shoes. But they also tell us that they CONNECT with our mission of “Practical Compassion”. They really identify with it. They believe in the same thing. They love this concept of “Practical Compassion”. So as we had larger and larger publicity – more and more people were connecting with this message of “Practical Compassion”.

What has been the most important takeaway or benefit from working with Justin?

Two things. 1) Justin is my friend. We became friends. His support and connection means SO much to me. I did not expect us to become friends necessarily – but, really, that has become the most important and valuable (and fun) part of the experience working with Justin.  2) Discovering and promoting our WHY – “Practical Compassion”.

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