CSO Feature: 7 Ideas for Security Leaders

By January 30, 2015Blog

I was honored to be asked by Michael Santarcangelo to contribute some ideas to article he wrote Chief Security Officer Online.  The article is here: 7 Ideas for Security Leaders

If you are a security or IT leader, there are many great tips in the article. Here is the excerpt of my contribution:

Justin Foster: assess Emotional Intelligence and Intrinsic Value

Justin Foster is recognized as a branding expert. He is, and more. Author of Oatmeal v Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World, Justin possesses a remarkable ability to quickly distill to value and inspire improvement.

One change for this year: focus on your Emotional Intelligence and intrinsic value

Justin explains, “Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Intrinsic Value are linked as two of the leadership traits absolutely necessary to perform consistently under pressure.  EQ creates self-awareness and empathy for others. Intrinsic Value creates an internal equilibrium that ensures that leaders are clear thinkers, decisive and modeling behavior despite stressful conditions.”

Leaders can create new habits around EQ and Intrinsic Value with some of the following steps:

  • Seek professional help for untreated emotional trauma. Trauma has a numbing effect on both EQ and Intrinsic Value – creating blind spots and compartmentalization under stress.

  • Complete a self-audit of strengths and weaknesses – and share with several influencers/mentors that you trust for confirmation and feedback.

  • Build new habits around both your strengths and weaknesses. Examples: if mentoring is others is a strength, create a system/process to make this a weekly habit. If expressing feelings is a weakness, start a private journal.

These three steps will make you a more holistic leader – allowing you to better lead yourself and your team.

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