SlideShare: 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Your Brand

By October 30, 2014Blog

“Leaders are Clear Thinkers” is one of the four foundational principles for becoming a Complete Leader.  At the core of this principle is futuristic thinking – the ability to see further than others to recognize trends, identify opportunities and become a thought-leader.  In this new presentation, I provide insights on 5 emerging business trends that will shape the future of your brand.  Relevant to both senior executives and solo entrepreneurs, I share my thoughts on:

  • The convergence of leadership, culture and innovation
  • How Social Business impacts every area of business
  • The importance of self-worth and EQ
  • The rise of “Early Disruptors”
  • 3 brands leading from the front & 3 brands showing us what not to do!
  • How to leverage your personal brand to elevate your company brand

As 2014 winds down and you begin planning for a profitable – and dominant – 2015, this presentation is a conversation catalyst for you and your leadership team.

If you missed the live webinar of this presentation, you can view the recording here.

If you are interested in having me present this to your team, contact me here.

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