Moving from Job Brand to Talent Brand

By May 19, 2014Blog

Why do professional athletes, movie stars, musical artists and other celebrities get paid millions for what they do? While some certainly are over-rated (and subsequently over-paid), the large majority are the very best at what they do. These are Talent Brands. In various industries, cultures and companies, they are often referred to as the “rock stars”. The Talent Brands have hit the Talent Matrix: the convergence of passion, skill and maximized value. As I talk about in my upcoming book “Human Bacon”, the market establishes your value, but you establish what makes you valuable.

So what about the rest of us? How do we regular folks move from a Career Brand (find a job), to a Talent Brand? The first mistake people make is having a Job mindset that is often motivated by this question: “What job can pay me enough to make a decent living?” To move to a Talent Brand, you need to have a Talent Mindset – which is based on this question: How do I maximize my value in the marketplace?

If maximizing your value can’t be manifested through artistry, athletic ability or acting skills (i.e. celebrity), then you need to find your unique “it” – the thing that you can do better than anyone else. For many (like this guy) it can take awhile to find. A hint: start with WHY.

Once you have your “it”, you can go about maximizing your value and building a Talent Brand. This involves 3 essential elements:

  1. Intellectual Property – Your “it” needs to transcend trading time for dollars (job mindset) to trading investment for intellectual property (IP). While this process is highly contextual to your “it”, the method is the same: develop ideas, processes, products, etc. that are uniquely yours – then make them easy to comprehend, easy to consume and easy to talk about.
  2. Presence – This is a blend of first impressions (such as style, design, etc) and being “findable” in the world via content creation – especially online. This is the value of social media. If you are awesome at what you do and you look and sound good doing it, you are much easier to find. There is certainly an inner presence as well – related to self-worth, self-confidence, authenticity and values.
  3. Relationships – You can’t be a Talent Brand without a lot of friends. From an inner circle that keeps you grounded, to fans/followers, to influencers you need seek out and build authentic, trust-based relationships with people. These are the word-of-mouth and credibility engine that every modern brand needs. Again, social media accelerates this process. Being a jerk kills it.

With the foundation of IP, presence and relationships, you are ready to be amplified. This means being prepared to always be “on”, performing under pressure, being disciplined and consistent with everything you do and say. Follow these tips and remember where you learned them when you become famous 🙂

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