3 Questions to Answer about Your Personal Brand

By February 21, 2014Blog

Two basic rules of personal branding: 1) Don’t be incompetent and 2) don’t be a jerk. Assuming you are neither, you are ready to amplify your brand but are not sure where to start. Here are 3 areas to consider and 3 key questions to answer to help you get started:

Discovering your Awesomeness

The key question: “What makes me awesome?” This is a blend of your skills, passion, talents, interests, values, etc. Sometimes this awesomeness is a calling – something you feel intrinsically called to do. Other times, it is a natural set of skills like athletic ability, being good with numbers, etc. When you have clarity and confidence in this area, it becomes your offering to the world. It gives you something to hone, package and present to the right audience.

Finding your Audience

The key question: “Who needs me?” Too often, we reverse this with questions like “Where can I find a job” or for the self-employed “Where can I land a contract?”. If you know what makes you awesome, you will also know who is the best fit for you. Simon Sinek said it brilliantly: “Find people who believe what you believe”. In the lens of personal branding, this is values and culture. When you find people that give you energy and you enjoy being around them, then you have found your audience. You can then determine the best business model.

Selecting your Business Model

The key question: “What is the best model to optimize my value in the marketplace?” This question changes your thinking from “What salary do I need?” or “What fee can I charge?” to a more entrepreneurial question of maximized value. It also embraces the reality that the marketplace determines what you are paid, but you determine and control how valuable you are. This question will help you determine career choices as well as establish your business/pricing model if you are self-employed.

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